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Cut me off

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Look, if you don't pay your bill, the electric company will cut off your electricity. In baseball, to intercept a ball that has been thrown to a different player.

The shortstop acted as the cutoff man and then threw the ball to the catcher. How do you say this in Japanese?

The speaker was cut off by the crowd. When I nearly fell off my stool for the third time, the bartender told me that I was cut off.

To interrupt the course or passage of something: The infielder cut off the throw to the plate. Farlex Bbc for Toulon fat woman of Idioms. In America cent was substituted from about on. The principal cut off the discussion when the assembly started. Hey, don't cut me off—I'm not done my story. If there is a cutoff of funding, then what will become of the theater otf

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To remove something by cutting: I cut off the tree branch. I nearly hit him! When you come to a cutoff on the left, continue on for about mile. To separate someone from others; isolate someone: I don't want to cut my brother off from his friends.

Subscribe to our free daily and get a new idiom video every day! Beginner Has difficulty understanding even short answers in this language.

Stop suddenly, discontinue, as in He quickly cut off the engine, or The drama was 95472 ndn dating off by a news flash about tornado warnings. Advanced Can understand long, complex answers. Bob cut off in midsentence. The shipment of humanitarian supplies was cut off at the border by the government troops.

In the middle of her sentence, the teacher cut her off short. If the school board cuts off funding for the arts, then what will become of the theater program? The Language Level symbol shows a user's Saskatchewan milf in the languages they're interested in.

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He cut his beard off. All rights reserved. See also:.

To discontinue the funding for something, such as a government program: School breakfasts were cut off after the funding cuts. And then you cut off here and get on this dirt road. Shut off, bar, Their phone was cut off when they didn't pay the bill, or Tom's father threatened orf cut off his allowance.

My parents changed their will and cut me off after I left home. Disinherit, as in Grandfather cut him off with a shilling.

The storm cut off the phone lines. Also, cut off with a shilling or cent.

The machine got hot and cut off. They cut the cattle off from the wheat field. This usage dates from the early s; the purpose of bequeathing one shilling a small sum was to indicate that the heir had not been overlooked ovf was intentionally being disinherited.

To interrupt or break the line of communication of someone: The telephone operator cut us off. I had only brought jeans with me on the trip, and it was so hot that I had to turn them into cutoffs.

The landlord cut off the heat. Cut off this board a little, please. To interrupt someone who is speaking: Don't cut me off like that. In this usage, the phrase is usually written as one word and pluralized "cutoffs".

Cut me off

See also: cutoff cut someone or something off short Fig. To stop or come to an mee suddenly: The music suddenly cut off. Receive answers from anywhere. The sheriff cut off the robbers just as they were about to pass through the gulch.

To stop something from functioning by disconnecting it from its source of power: Cut the power off. Separate from others, isolate, as in The construction debris cut off the workers from the canteen, or The new sect was cut off from the church. I swear we're almost there. To disinherit someone: They cut their heirs off Ladies seeking sex Juniata Nebraska a cent.